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My car was taken to champagne jai smash repairs after someone made an illegal u turn. I wasn’t able to hire a rental car therefore needed my car fixed asap for work. There were some body damages, so no parts were needed. When I dropped the car off to the shop, I spoke to the owner and explained my situation. He said he would try but couldn’t guarantee it as there were other jobs, which was ok. He was so good that he actually provided me with a courtesy car. Then 3 days later I get a call that my car is fixed. I have never been so impressed. They really saved me from a lot of inconveniences.


Friendly staff and excellent service. I would recommend their services to family and friends. Perfect service."


Jai has been very helpful with fixing my BMW. He has done an excellent job and I would definitely recommend everyone.


Thank you for fixing my car in a timely manner. Jai was understanding and even provided me with a courtesy car.


Thanks for the great service.


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